General Practice Areas


Arbitration is a very popular alternative dispute resolution mechanism, that can prove to save enormously on costs and time for all parties.

Commercial Law

We provide a full spectrum of Corporate and Commercial Law services.


Criminal matters can be taxing socially, and take a heavy personal toll on an individual. We know the importance of knowing our clients’ legal rights, and how to enforce them quickly.

Deceased Estates & Wills

Our attorneys can assist with estate planning and wills, as well as assist with winding up of estates.

Insolvency & Liquidation

We can advise on sequestration of individuals and liquidation of companies, both voluntary and involuntary, and the legal implications.


Drafting of policies to resolution of disputes, it is important to find an experienced insurance lawyer.

Labour Law

We offer comprehensive legal services to both employees and employers.

Legal Strategy

Regardless of the complexity of the matter or position you find yourself in, we offer expert strategy services, to help you maximise your position.


Our combination of understanding the rules of court as well as having expertise in strategy, negotiation and psychology help our clients advance their position, and surprise their opponents.

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