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If you are searching for unique, creative and affordable solutions for your Business or Personal legal Matters, then MG Law is your Firm.

Our attorneys unrelentingly work to find strategic angles in matters, which usually yields positive outcomes, results and exceptional standards in both the letter of the law and legal tactics.

We strive to provide our clients with an edge, rather than employing predictable outdated strategies which have been utilised for decades. Our legal team often surprise opponents with techniques they are not prepared for.

MG Law is a truly rare, unique, and Strategic South African Law Firm, catering for Commercial and Private clients of all sizes, including litigation.

Law. Ethics. Integrity.

Ethics, Integrity and transparency are at the core of our principals, which drive the firm in every aspect.

Our attorneys are never given billing targets. Quite the opposite... It is our firm's policy to utilise the least amount of resources required to achieve our client’s goals. This results in costs and time savings, in addition to the caution exercised by our legal team to adhere to this principle.

This ensures that clients are never billed for work not provided, and that the attorney or an entire team assigned to the matter are of the appropriate seniority and size. This translates into the lowest possible fees, timeframes, and far less surprises along the way.

Clients are of course given the choice to opt for different attorney seniority or team size instead of what the firm's assessment calls for. All the elements above and the unique methods employed by the firm, results in an exceptionally high client satisfaction rate, exceeding an average of *91%.

MG Law's Transparency policies extend from billing to processes, every step of the way. Clients are provided with assessments which show the various options and potential outcomes, along with their estimated costs and timelines. This allows our clients to make informed decisions about the legal routes they choose, and to be prepared for multiple eventualities.

Our Practice Areas


Our attorneys will give you a comparative advantage on financial matters, whichever side of the transaction you happen to be in.


Need a law firm with unique insights into State processes and regulatory compliance? Contact us.


Contact us for expert assistance in structuring and protecting your business and corporate interests.


Legal advice in respect of real estate, land, and movables, at any stage of the transaction.


We are able to assist on a broad range of matters for individual clients.

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