Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Arbitration

Often, we can negotiate with your opponent and reach a fast settlement, saving you hundreds of thousands of rands in litigation fees. Our policy is to reach our clients’ objectives at the lowest cost to them. Our attorneys are trained in psychology and strategy, and use more than just the law to reach a favourable outcome for our clients. There are viable alternatives to litigation, and we will help you resolve your dispute and achieve your objective.


Our services include:

  • Representation
  • Chairing mediation 
  • Running arbitration hearings
  • Negotiation
  • Settlement agreements


Legal disputes arise out of many areas of business and personal life. From contractual disputes to more complex civil and criminal matters, it is important to have a seasoned litigator representing you, and fighting for your best possible outcome. 

Our team will always mediate and negotiate a settlement in your favour, where possible. However, this is not always possible and some matters will inevitably end up in court. From individuals to large corporations, we are able to represent our clients in all types of litigation. 

Our litigation services include:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Civil & criminal matters
  • Magistrates court
  • High court
  • Labour court
  • Constitutional matters
  • Advice on appeals & reviews

Contact us to set up a consultation. If your matter is urgent, we offer instant consults.