Simplified Legal Documents


Contracts and other legal documents are central to modern life, yet are sometimes drafted in a way that makes them impossible to read fully or even understand. Excessive clause drafting can prevent agreements from being concluded, and legal language can make an agreement too onerous to consider signing. We ensure that these documents are clear, enforceable and effective whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity.


Using psychology and marketing principles, we assist our clients in drafting what we have coined as palatable contracts, which provide the same legal protection, without leaving a bitter taste in the other party’s mouth, or even killing the deal at inception. Our Simplified Legal Documents are where law meets strategy, psychology and the human touch. 

Simplified Legal Documents include:

  • Drafting palatable agreements
  • Redrafting onerous-sounding clauses
  • Improved legal drafting
  • Plain language drafting
  • Negotiations 

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