Consumer Protection


The Consumer Protection Act introduced a new level of protection to individuals, and increased the standard to which businesses are held. You have a right to high-quality goods and services, and to be charged fairly. You also have the right to privacy, and the right not to be forced into additional agreements with suppliers.


It is important to know your rights as a consumer, so that you know when you should take legal action. As a consumer, you have, among others, the right to:

  • Cancel reservations, bookings or orders
  • Select the supplier of your choice
  • Cancel or renew a fixed-term agreement
  • Cancel direct marketing
    Return goods
  • Disclosure of prices
  • Be protected as a consumer
  • Return goods

In an age of product overload, we offer legal assistance to advance a strong and unequivocal pro-consumer stance. We help to balance the negotiating power, and protect your rights as a consumer. The Consumer Protection Act has introduced accountability for businesses with unlawful practices.

We can assist with:

  • Disputes
  • Complaints
  • Litigation
  • Privacy Rights
  • Damages Claims
  • Review of Agreements
  • Cancellations