Labour Law

Our skilled labour attorneys are able to assist with disputes and advise on labour matters


The relationship between an employer and employee is often unequal, and many employees face unfair treatment in the workplace, without the ability to seek legal advice or take action. Our labour law department has levelled the playing field, and gives employees the opportunity to seek recourse when they have been wronged by their employer.

Our labour services include:

Our skilled labour attorneys are able to assist with disputes and advise on labour matters, and our labour contingency department is able to assist on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Unfair Dismissals

Have you been dismissed unfairly? We can help. We work on a “No win No fee” basis and will handle your case before the CCMA or Labour Court. “No Win No Fee” means no risk for you.

CCMA referrals & representation

Have you been subjected to unfair labour practices? We can assist you in taking the appropriate action to protect your rights.

Upcoming Arbitrations

Our attorneys are experts in arbitration, and will guide, assist and coach you, so that you reach your desired outcome.

Dispute Resolution

If you are caught in an unresolved dispute with your employer, we can help settle the dispute and obtain a settlement in your favour. We have expertise and vast experience in Employer negotiations and settlements, and are here to help you.

Labour Court

If your matter goes to the Labour Court, our skilled attorneys are available to represent you, and help you win your case. Our experience includes labour matters, arbitration awards, settlement agreements, obtaining court orders and review of unsatisfactory arbitration awards.

Award Enforcement

After we win, if your employer fails to pay, we will enforce the order and ensure that you get what is due to you.

Apply for your matter to be handled on a no-win, no-fee basis

Our labour services include:

  • Advice During Employment
  • Out of Court Settlements
  • Employer Negotiations
  • Expert Litigation at Labour Court
  • Disciplinary Hearing Strategy
  • Grievance Processes
  • Separation Package Negotiations
  • General Advice & Assistance

What Does It Cost?

You don’t pay us anything upfront. When we win, you get 75%. If we were to lose, you do not owe us a thing. You Have Nothing To Lose

Let Us Help You With

  • Labour Law Advice
  • Settlements With Employers
  • Negotiations & Arbitrations
  • UIF Payment
  • CCMA Representation
  • Unfair Retrenchment
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Unfair Discrimination
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Unfair Discrimination

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not pay anything upfront. We work on a No
Win No Fee Basis

There is only the contingency fee and mandate fee

First we contact your employer to try and reach early settlement. Most employers wish to avoid the CCMA. From there, we take the matter to the CCMA with you. We guide, assist and coach you, to ensure a favourable outcome. If settlement is not reached, the matter is referred for arbitration. At this stage, many employers will settle, if they have not already. If needed, we will take it all the way to the labour court, and enforce the court order for you.

Payment is made into our Trust Account, so you know that it is safe. Once we have received the final documents from your employer, your award* is paid directly to you.

*Awards exclude our fees 

We can help all employees, at all income levels.

We take on all employees who have been wronged by their employers.

We will help you by preparing documents for you, and we will coach and guide you throughout the process.