Niche Practice Areas

Auto industry

Car accidents can be devastating, and many fall victim to dealership and auto fraud. Book a consultation to find out what your options are.


It is important that you understand your rights and legal remedies available in South African courts.

Construction & Engineering

Our experienced attorneys can assist with navigating the complex field of construction and engineering law.


A conveyance is an attorney who has passed a specialist conveyancing exam and who is admitted and enrolled to practice as such by the High Court of South Africa.

Cyber Law

The area of cyber law is incredibly vast, and can be quite difficult to navigate even for the most technical and experienced individuals.

Digital Marketing law

Digital marketing is a relatively new field, and it’s important to find attorneys with an understanding of the law as well as the complexities of online marketing.


Emigrating can be exciting, but with starting a new life comes a lot of administration. We’ll help you make your move as smooth as possible.


Entertainment or media law comprises of a mix of several areas of law, and covers many areas of the music and entertainment industries.


With our vast legal resources, environmental law has become highly regulated in South Africa.


We cover all legal elements relating to horses and horse-related activities.


Fashion law covers the legal elements surrounding an article of clothing or accessory, from its conception to having become a developed brand, and is largely intellectual property law and commercial law.

Food and beverages

Food and beverage law can involve many areas of law, as well as the many legal systems of different countries involved.

Intellectual Property Law

From inventions to designs and artwork, it is crucial to ensure that your ideas are protected.

International law

International disputes require experience and expertise, and include international business, trade or even criminal matters.

IT Law

Our attorneys have experience and a practical understanding of information technology and data, providing a competitive edge.


Maritime law includes shipping and international trade law, as well as commercial law.

Military and Police

It’s important to choose a military defence lawyer that knows the laws of the land.


We offer all notarial services, including the preparation and witnessing of certain types of specialised documents for international use, as well as deeds for registration in various public offices, antenuptial

Pharmaceutical and Medical

We partner with our clients to assist with contracts and negotiation, as well as compliance.


You may have a claim against the RAF if you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. Set up a consultation to find out what you may be entitled to.

State and Government Suits

We handle claims against the state and police. Set up a consultation to find out if you are entitled to compensation.